• KH T003

    Aluminous USB Flash Drive model,bank company,educational institution prefer this model,it is nice to engrave logo on the shell, the whole shell looks very clear,beautiful.

  • KH W030

    Cork Bottle usb stick


    Our advantages

    a. 100% free of charge to design with your mind until  finalising your order

    b. Rush serivce available at our factory(4-6days as sample finished)

    c. Minimum order:50pcs,centertainly big discount price if any large order qty

    Why do we choose PVC usb stick

    It is a touched soft material, both of PVC and Rubber  are big different on the  usb models. PVC is more flexible to design any usb shape to attract more clients ,even many different color on the shell surface,there is not any limit to our ability to produce . such as shapes,memory size and colors.Currently our clients have chosen PVC material to do lot of animals,food,company logo shape and so on

  • Water drop USB

    Water drop shape PVC usb stick

    Did you disover the usb stick of water drop shape  looks attractive?it is much remarkable models in the whole promotioal gifts.because it is very special with shape,keyring and logo,the design is suited for running-water company,high idel technology company

    Why choose PVC models?

    More flexible usb shape design,high-end feeling present to clients,There is no limited to our ability to affect our imagination,everything is easy to become reality.Also we make our company informaiton(website,company name,sector of products) on the shell,increasing people’s impression


  • Customized USB

    Boot shape usb flash drive

  • KH U018

    Mini swivel usb stick

  • KH U046

    Epoxy usb stick

  • KH U045

    Mini swivel usb stick

  • Sea turtle shape USB flash drive

  • Hand tractor shape usb flash drive

  • KH U004

    Mini Metal swivel usb stick

  • KH T002

     Swivel usb flash drive