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USB Portable Drives

USB flash drives like this are becoming ubiquitously popular as storage devices owing to their ease of access and convenient portability. Being small in size, USB drives are is easy to carry around and can be inserted or removed from a USB port in any system for accessing data or transferring files.
The advent of modern technology has made it possible to manufacture custom-built small-sized flash drive that can be shaped to any form as desired. So whether it substitutes as a key chain or is molded to particular shape it can be created at reasonable costs. Perhaps this is reason why many companies are making use of this storage device as complimentary gifts.

Expected Range of Benefits

Unlike the CDs and DVDs of yesteryears, USB flash drives are typically capable of storing anywhere within the range of 1 GB – 32 GB (but some hold much more). Other benefits that make this storage device noteworthy include:
• Relatively low-cost manufacturing price
• Great durability with zero issues with dust or scratch marks
• Data does not get affected by physical force, magnetic fields etc.
• Compact size and flexible designs
• Compatible with PCs and laptops with USB ports
• Works with all operating systems
• Allows for easy access to data and transfer of files

Personalize the Device

Since users might need to store sensitive data with USB flash drives it makes sense to create a password and protect it from prying eyes. Nowadays it is even possible to use a flash drive as a lock and key for your personal computer.
We are open to including any additional engraving or embossing as per request. Color preference, shape and design are all considered for customized orders.

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