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King-hunter is a leading supplier of promotional USB memory sticks, company branded flash drives, custom USB sticks and USB pens printed with your logo on. In fact we can supply and print pretty much anything that has a USB connector on it. We have been supplying company branded USB promotional items since 2002 so you are in safe hands. Our customers range from small local schools and shops to global blue chip brands and

So, if you are looking for company branded memory sticks or perhaps you want a USB flash drives manufactured in a custom shape then give us a call or fill out the on-line enquiry form and one of our team will get back to you within a matter of hours. If you're in a hurry, we can offer a 24 hour turnaround service on,All our USB products quality are good,warranty time:2 years.never fake USB products from our factory


Many USB flash drives and SD cards are being sold on eBay  and other auction sites at very cheap prices (too cheap!). but they are made from Chinese USB factory,These USB pens are usually of a high capacity (16GB, 32GB, 64GB or 128GB) ,so many  sellers also sell these too,they do not know what both  fake usb and good quality difference . 98% of these sellers are selling 'fake' USB Flash drives (fake UFDs)-either knowingly or unknowingly. after days,many user complained to them .because they are cheated by these sellers.

they will appear to work fine and Windows will show them at their 'rated' capacity-for instance a 16GB USB will appear in Windows to have a capacity of say 14.8GB. However, these USB actually only contain about 2GB of real memory. When you start putting your files onto  it,everything may appear to be fine-until you fill it up with more than 2GB and then it completely corrupts all the files on it! There a two different types of fake USB Flash Drives and SD Cards as shown below.

If you have a USB Flash drive, try using ChipGenius. Often this will reveal the true size of the memory chips(s) fitted by the manufacturer. The screenshot below shows a fake 16GB USB Flash drive containing a JS29F16G08AAMC1 memory chip which is a 16Gb (Gigabit) or 2GB (GigaByte) memory chip. It therefore cannot possibly hold 16GB of data!

These fake products are usually made from a poor quality or defective smaller flash memory chip (and probably a 2nd rate 'reject' memory chip obtained from the rubbish bin at the back of the factory!), but the controller has been programmed to falsely report its capacity to Windows.